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Uninterrupted Power

Elite provide Certainty in a Connected World. Your Solution Partner in Power Electronics and Uninterruptible Energy, Elite provides reliable power protection and backup solutions for

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UPS Supplier in Oman

Critical Power Protection Solutions
Emergency Power Systems
Uninterruptible and Regulated Energy/ Power


An uninterruptible power system is the central component of any well-designed power protection architecture

Health Care Battery Suppliers in Oman

Range of our Online, Online Double conversion and Line interactive power protections systems are designed to protect mission critical and life saving equipment


Information Uninterrupted Power Supply

Data is leading a main roll in todays modern life, and there for protection of Data processing and storing system much more important as life saving equipment’s

We understand the criticality and designed our Data center, IT infra protection solutions based on


Elite’s power protection portfolio is a unique line up of UPS, power conditioning and power switching products, designed to solve power quality issues for commercial and industrial applications Ensuring business continuity, reliable data availability and industrial process even in harsh conditions

Industrial Battery Suppliers in Oman


It’s Quite Easy for Us to Be the Best in Field, Since we have World Leading Brands as our Pride Partners who are our Vision Partners too.

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