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Elite's access-controls

Biometrics Replaces the Need for Keys, Fobs and Pin Codes. Your Finger and Face Become the Key to Your Business.

Elite Offers A Complete Range of Security Solutions with Unrivalled Matching Speed, Accuracy and Level of Security Incorporating A Combination of Biometric and Traditional Card and Proximity Readers, Giving You the Flexibility to Mix and Match to Suit Your Needs

Elite's access-controls Elite's access-controls Elite's access-controls Elite's access-controls


Centralized system, which is a system based on access control units (ACU). Suprema's centralized system not only provides the benefits of biometrics, but it also provides enhanced security and excellent system scalability.

In addition, the centralized system also enables you to upgrade your existing systems at lower installation cost. Suprema's intelligent biometric controller, CoreStation, is capable of performing fingerprint matching as well as RFID cards.

Elite's Centralized System


In distributed systems, IP terminal and readers perform the roles of a controller and reader simultaneously.

Therefore, you can undertake functions such as user management, access control management, and biometrics with a single terminal. Suprema’s IP terminals and readers improve system reliability with easy system configuration and distributed management. It also provides the benefits of simple wiring and low installation/maintenance costs.

Elite's distributed systems
System Integration

Possibility’s System Integration, open an endless opportunity’s of system scalability and automation. Starting from hardware systems to software platforms

Elite's System Integration

Variety of
Management Features
Management Features

Long-term non-access user management

Management Features

User permissions management by each door

Management Features

Zone management (antipassback, fire alarm, scheduled lock, schedule unlock, intrusion, interlock, muster)

Management Features

Floor access permissions management (elevator management)

Management Features

Door, zone and device status monitoring

Management Features

Real-time event log monitoring


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