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Suprema FaceStation F2
“ Fusion Matching Face recognition ” BROUCHURE

Suprema FaceStation F2 is a fusion multimodal terminal with unmatched face recognition performance. Experience the exceptional authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing performance achieved by Suprema’s unique Fusion technology.

FaceStation F2’s fusion matching technology provides exceptional authentication result by utilizing both visual and IR face recognition.

Fusion Matching Face Recognition
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Unrivaled Face Recognition Performance by Fusion Matching

Suprema’s Fusion Matching technology combines the IR and visual face recognition with unique deep learning algorithm to achieve exceptional authentication accuracy and industry’s best anti-spoofing performance.

*False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 1 in 10 billion

Best-in-Class Multimodal
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Best-in-Class Multimodal with Various Credentials

Offering credential options of face, fingerprint, cards and mobile access, FaceStation F2 is the best-in-class multimodal device in the industry. It also supports dual frequency access cards, NFC and BLE-based Mobile Access Cards as well as Template on Card that allows authentication via biometric data stored in cards.

Safety and Hygiene
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Contactless solution for new standards of safety and hygiene

FaceStation F2 meets the needs of the post-pandemic world with features like remote user enrollment, detection of users without masks and face recognition of users wearing masks. When combined with Suprema Thermal Camera, FaceStation F2 can identify people with elevated skin temperature

Secure your device and Data
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Robust Device Security and Data Encryption

With the highest level of device security, FaceStation F2 not only encrypts all biometric credentials and personal information but also protects the data with secure boot process. FaceStation F2 is built on Android and all its security enhancements.

Enterprise-level Memory Capacity
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FaceStation F2’s massive memory capacity can easily handle the large number of users in enterprise environment. FaceStation F2 can accommodate up to 100,000 users*, 50,000 face image logs and 5,000,000 text logs.

*100,000 users with fingerprint authentication and 50,000 users with face authentication

Suitable for Various Environment
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Thanks to its IR recognition technology, FaceStation F2 can authenticate faces under dim lighting, allowing uninterrupted face recognition in all indoor lighting conditions. With IP65 rating, FaceStation F2 is dust-proof, waterproof and easy to maintain.

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